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Accuscribe began as a transcription company in 1992. After several years of working with our clients, we realized that the right tool is everything. What else could we provide? Best of breed technology combined with what we do best: exceptional transcription at an affordable price. Studies show that many clinicians still prefer to dictate because it is faster, less costly, and maximizes the clinician’s valuable time.

Medical transcription has evolved from rote transcription to an industry that assists physicians to create electronic patient notes, route them securely to other providers and insurance companies, extract discrete data for patient care, coding, billing and quality reporting, and provide secure record storage and access.

Today Accuscribe provides medical facilities with flexible, seamless and cost efficient solutions for fully managing their documentation. We think of it as an expressway, powered by Accuscribe, allowing dictation and transcription to be effortless and instantly collected, moved and stored to all members of your team. In short, Accuscribe provides customers with choice, control and 24-hour access.

Our physicians can choose the software and service that fits their personal style. We have software solutions that resolve some of your toughest workflow issues. We can provide an efficient, cost-effective plan for your medical facility. We strive to earn our reputation as an honest, flexible, and reliable company.

There is no “one size fits all ” approach. Accuscribe provides both state-of-the-art technology and transcription with our personal attention to your individual needs.

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